New “Plan Doc” LOWERS payroll tax; ENHANCES benefits/take-home pay*; SAVES contribution $.

November 2011                      For Immediate Release

New “Plan Doc” LOWERS payroll tax; ENHANCES benefits/take-home pay; SAVES contribution $.


An upgraded version of the classic Sec.125 Plan Document is becoming popular.  The new version instantly “overlays” benefits to help companies (5 to 3000+ empls) see a blend of:

  • LOWER payroll taxes for the company
  • HIGHER NET PAY CHECKS for employees                                                                                            
  • FLEXIBILITY to CUT company contribution W/OUT harming employees                 
  • RICHER BENEFITS, (avg. 1-2 NEW benefits/employee)                                                                         

The Tax Overlay is NOT restricted by RENEWAL DATES, which means its power is felt immediately.  Carolinas-based Accomplish  is authorized to run Impact Reports to determine the Overlay’s effectiveness.  Minimal data needed for Impact Reports.

Company HR staff is invited to contact Accomplish Information Officer Scott Simpkins, 704.458.2195,  Impact Reports available within five (5) business days after data is received.

( * NOT A SOLICITATION to compete with, or replace an existing health brokerage relationship.  As the name suggests, the Tax Overlay works in lock-step with current strategy installed by the company’s benefit broker.)